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Every woman has those staple items of clothing in her closet that can easily be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks. The secret to having great style is to have these essentials in your closet. I’ve found some of my favorite looks… Shop with me!

I’ve hand picked all of the best quality products from Clothes Envy. Just follow my links provided if interested in purchasing so I can get the marketing acknowledgement for referring you. I hope I’ve helped you in building a versatile wardrobe that will last you year round.

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Fashion is my dream. I will dedicate my free time to providing my hand picked essential stylish products. All of which are on my list of things to purchase. 

*Never give up on your dreams!*



Spotted: The Perfect Boyfriend Jean; Click Here

The Clothes Envy boyfriend jean. Can be worn loosely around the hips. Dress up with heels. Dress down with moccasins. This pair of jeans is perfect for your everyday wardrobe. Match these with your basic plain white tee for a super casual cool look. 



Get Your Perfect White Tank

This is the perfect white tank that can easily be paried with the boyfriend jean, for that bit of feminine quality. Great for surviving the heavy heat this summer, and also an amazing transitional piece. Just add a light sweater or a jacket to keep you warm on the cool breezy nights. What’s so awesome about these items is that they can be worn in so many ways.  


Change it up with a totally stylish sweater crop top

sweater crop


To Die For: Get yours Here

The mini-turtle neck style gives off a classy and sophisticated vibe for those super feminine females that are right on trend. Easily paired with boyfriend jeans as well. LOVE this item!


Ok so at this point, everyone knows how much I love Maxi dresses. But if you’re going for that super chic sexy sophisticated look, this open back maxi is a MUST for those super hot sunny days. 


Need this item for a Sexy Summer Evening

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 

Need more color?? Try on this tribal print body con dress by Clothes Envy. Super fun and flirty.



Click Here to Get Yours!

Loving that color scheme. Definatley perfect for the fun and outgoing girly girl.

Dying over these leather sweat pants…Super Chic..



For the independent woman who’s got an edge to her style. Turn heads with this awesome look as you’re out and about.

Click here to get yourself a pair




Dyingg over this Clothes Envy Midnight Mischief dress. The design is so beautiful. Definitely a dress to cause a double-take.

Purchase yours now before stock runs low!!



This royal blue open back halter mini-dress is a new summer design that I’m so loving right now. The big bow adds a little surprise, and the open back shows just enough skin, but what I’m loving most is the rich color. If you have blue or green eyes, this dress will make your eyes GLOW. It’s a must buy on my list.

Click here to get yours now! Royal Blue Halter Open Back Dress


Ok loves, that’s all for right now. If you enjoyed this post, please let me know and I would be more than happy to suggest more designer pieces that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe in respect to your own personal style.


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Happy shopping!







*Blog Lovin’*

Does anyone remember Xanga?

It was the first blog site that I’d ever used. I was probably in middle school at the time of discovery. Ever since they have upgraded to an Xanga Pro 2.0, which I noticed recently in a random Google search, it seems that Xanga is taking over most of the same working qualities as WordPress.

I really wish that the simple old version of Xanga still existed. It was so simple to navigate and the coding was actually understandable. Girls my age were selling layout coding, and I was making my own layouts from code.

I made friends from around the world within hours. People who had the same interests as me, and actually enjoyed reading my posts.

I’m still new to WordPress. But why is it so hard to feel like you are an important part of the blogging community?! Does anyone else experience this frustration? I can understand that there are so many thousands of blogs in the world. I’m sure that’s the main reason. My blog is probably just a grain of salt in an ocean of blogs that are constantly changing. I suppose time is of the essence to gain subscribers, and friends interested in what I have to say and which products I suggest from my personal experience.

But this concept carries into the real world as well.

Ever moved to a new city or town? Have you ever felt like you could just as easily not exist and the world would continue to rapidly move through and around you?

Sometimes the blogging world feels like that. I’ve read so many inspiring books that have really excited me, and peeked my interest, in the hopes to run a successful blog. But as the days pass, nothing is changing.

Click below to grab your own copy. Very useful and informative.


Everything you need to know about Blogging


All I can do is keep reaching out, and hope that someone will hear my voice.


“If you judged a fish based on it’s ability to climb a tree;

it would live it’s whole life, thinking it’s stupid.”



Never give up on your dreams, my blogging friends.


Have a lovely day,







The Perfect Dress….Giving a Garment a Second Chance

When it comes to fashion, you have to know what fits you best, what suits your body type, and highlights your favorite features. Do you ever visually browse a store, immediately skipping over colors and shapes that don’t catch your attention? Many people make this mistake, and don’t take into consideration how the fabric will be transformed once you try it on. Maybe you’ve had this realization when one of your friends hands you something to try on, that in all reality, you knew from the moment you saw the garment that you didn’t like it, and that you certainly would not buy it. I’ve heard this story many times. That’s why it’s sometimes a great idea to try on something you don’t like, because it may give you a different reaction once it’s off the hanger. When you shop with this perspective, it opens your mind to new possibilities…by giving that garment a second chance.


Notice this photograph of Jennifer Lawrence rocking the red carpet in her Calvin Klein ensamble. Goes to show how entirely versatile this simplistic dress can be, and how easily this look can be reinvented to suit your own personal style. (Personally I prefer the darker Red Wine color…but I would accent this look with a bright Fireman Red pop of nail color to give this look a little sparkle) Can be dressed up on the red carpet, or dressed down at a casual day at the pool.

It’s just perfect for summer.

You’ll never believe what I found….A perfect dress that’s practically free it’s so affordable..I might just grab this dress in a few different colors.

What’s great about color is that you can play it up or down. Whether you want to stand out for a special occasion, or if you want to make it through a busy day, there is a perfect Maxi dress waiting for you. Perfect for running errands or even having tea by the pool with loved ones.

These vibrant colors can highlight your features and make your eyes glow in the sunlight. My favorite thing about these dresses is that they are so conveniently priced to purchase online and in just days they arrive in a pretty package at your door. Retail therapy at it’s best!


Only $7.99 – $14.00

Other Colors Available: Red Wine, Black, White, Charcoal Grey, Coral, Dark Brown, Fushia Pink, Green, Light Grey, Mocha, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Bright Blue

Some of these colors like: Grey, Brown, Navy, even Royal Blue would all make  amazing transitional pieces as we are evolving into the Fall season. Just throw on a sweater, a scarf, and some classic sunnies to polish this look for those sunny windy days that are upon us!

Best Deal Trendy Maxi Dress

Or if you feel like browsing around,

Shop Best Fashion Deals Online Now


You won’t believe the deals you find…

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..;*For my Fashion Friends*;..

I hope you enjoyed!



How to Make your Basic Sushi Roll…Easy and Delicious..

Once I learned how to make sushi at home, I simply couldn’t stop! After countless outings to local sushi dates at different restaurants with my fiance, I came to a realization that we could be saving money, even hundreds of dollars, by making it ourselves at home. Not to mention how working together in a private setting is more intimate and pretty romantic. I had no idea that it could be so easy…and after teaching my fiance how to roll sushi, he was really impressed!! Of course there is always the plus side to the ability of enjoying sushi with your loved one at any hour of the night. And after drinks, kisses, and laughs, it was a really cute and creative way to enjoy our evening together. A romantic evening for two!! And for less than a $50 dollar restaurant meal. (When I say we eat sushi..I mean we LOVE to eat sushi!)  Here I’ll show you everything you need to get started.

How To Make A Simple Spicey Salmon Roll – Fast, super easy, and really fun!!

What you will need:

* Bamboo rolling sheet made for sushi

(Note: Impossible to find in stores…believe me I looked everywhere. I will provide link at the bottom of this post for an affordable solution)

* Seaweed rolling paper sheets

* Cream cheese

* Fresh Salmon

* Cucumber

* Celery

* Avocado

* Rice (Medium/Long grain white rice works fine)

* Sweet Rice Cooking Wine – Mirin

* Have a small bowl of water on the side

First – Prepare your rice. Measure 1 cup of rice. Add 2 cups of water to pot and bring to boil. Once boiling, add your rice and cover. Cook for 20 minutes. Once the rice is ready, stir and refrigerate while you prepare other ingredients.

First – Prepare all of your veggies/fruit. Cut and dice cucumber and celery into very small rectangles. Set aside on plate.

Next – Diagonally slice thin pieces of fresh salmon and set aside on plate.

Take your Bamboo rolling sheet, and cover with saran wrap. (Bits of rice may get stuck on rolling sheet if you skip this step)

Place one Seaweed Sheet on your Bamboo rolling sheet, SHINEY SIDE DOWN! This step is important because the rice sticks to the dull side. If you want smaller sushi pieces, tear the seaweed sheet in half. For larger pieces, use entire sheet per sushi roll.

Next, spread a thin layer of cream cheese all over the Seaweed Sheet (Just like making a sandwich)

Take out your rice and stir in a teaspoon of Sweet Rice Cooking Wine

Next, wet your hands in the bowl of water, and grab a little less than a hand full of rice. The water on your hands helps it stick.

Spread your rice all over the Seaweed sheet.

Take your thinly sliced fresh Salmon and place vertically to make a straight line, covering the width of the seaweed paper.

Next, add your diced cucumber and celery. Again, Vertically, this calls for easy rolling.

Take a couple of thin slices of avocado and layer on top of other ingredients.

*Time to Roll!*

This part is easy once you get the hang of it. Make sure your seaweed paper, with layered ingredients, is closest to the bottom of the Bamboo rolling sheet. Take bottom of bamboo, and literally roll over, slightly applying pressure to ingredients to keep them tightly pressed together. Continue this process until the entire Bamboo sheet has been rolled over all the way.

Unfold your Bamboo rolling sheet, and… BAM!

Your sushi rolling was a success!!

Finally, cut sushi roll into 4 or 5 bite size pieces, however you see fit..and…


I love to use this oriental spicey mayo with this roll in particular. It’s called Sriracha Mayo. It is extremely delicious. If you’re a classic soy sauce with sushi type of person, that’s fine too!! You can always substitute ingredients in the center and create your own sushi roll designed to fit your own unique taste. Feel free to switch and substitute other ingredients.

I hope you enjoy making your own sushi!!

Sushi Making Kit – Made Easy

^^^Click this link and you can grab your own sushi making kit to save time making your sushi venture super easy. I wish someone would have showed me this while I was determined to make sushi by taping together bamboo shish-kabob skewers that I bought from the store! Hopefully there’s someone that I’ve helped by making this post, and simply won’t have the problem I had!!





About the Kit –


*Easiest way to make sushi and for whole family to use

*Detachable sushi mat so you can put it in the dishwasher with silverware.

*Comes complete with training frame, non-stick paddle, and the SushiQuik roll cutter.

*Makes all sushi roll sizes including rolls with rice on the outside.

*Easiest and most complete sushi kit on the market.


Also, you might want to get the perfect cutting knife for the occasion. Click link below!

Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife

Non-stick Sushi Chef's Knife



*Overall Dimensions 13.25″ x 1.8″ – Blade Dimensions 8″ x 1.8″

*Color: Black – Handle Material Plastic – Blade Material Stainless Steel

*Rocker Blade Design

*Non-stick coating and 10 integrated holes in the blade

Excellent for making perfect sushi!


Having trouble finding your Seaweed sheets in store? No problem! Click this link.

Seaweed Sushi Sheets


*Deluxe Roasted Seaweed 50 sheets in resealable package

*Each sheet has perforated sections so it can be easily cut

*Perfect for rolling sushi

*Each sushi nori seaweed sheet is approximately 7″ x 8″

*Net Wt 4.5 oz (130g)




Thanks for reading!!

Have a happy and healthy day everyone!




Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Spring 2014


Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Spring 2014, designers this year may be changing my mind about the color yellow..

These shapes are elegant and the artistic print definitely gives the essence of these looks a pop that’s appealing to the eye. I really like how more designers are taking aspects of art into consideration for their designs. A modern conservative trend is coming back in this preview of looks; showing just enough skin without going over the top.

We’ll see presentations on the runway from over 90 designers, and also new faces in fashion through September 5th- September 12th. Interested to see what has been planned for us.





Tom Ford pleasantly surprised me as a label this season. Taking a complete turn from basic seasonal colors for spring, I think that it’s important to take note that, although pastels and cream colors of white and vibrant hues may have appeared often throughout fashion in the season of spring, Ford daringly presents a brilliant array of dark colors; representing an image of the strong bold sultry woman. The decorative detail on these pieces are extravagantly ornate and complex. The power of the confidently sensual woman commanding the runway.

Something else I really loved about Tom Ford’s collection was the fact that there was a correlation of bold glamorous garments accenting beautifully tousled up-dos with extremely natural makeup. Oddly enough, the combination of the two demonstrates an effortless appeal to a genuine artful essence that takes these looks to the next level of editorial fashion.

Clapping in a standing ovation for this look!

Love, love, love!