*Blog Lovin’*

Does anyone remember Xanga?

It was the first blog site that I’d ever used. I was probably in middle school at the time of discovery. Ever since they have upgraded to an Xanga Pro 2.0, which I noticed recently in a random Google search, it seems that Xanga is taking over most of the same working qualities as WordPress.

I really wish that the simple old version of Xanga still existed. It was so simple to navigate and the coding was actually understandable. Girls my age were selling layout coding, and I was making my own layouts from code.

I made friends from around the world within hours. People who had the same interests as me, and actually enjoyed reading my posts.

I’m still new to WordPress. But why is it so hard to feel like you are an important part of the blogging community?! Does anyone else experience this frustration? I can understand that there are so many thousands of blogs in the world. I’m sure that’s the main reason. My blog is probably just a grain of salt in an ocean of blogs that are constantly changing. I suppose time is of the essence to gain subscribers, and friends interested in what I have to say and which products I suggest from my personal experience.

But this concept carries into the real world as well.

Ever moved to a new city or town? Have you ever felt like you could just as easily not exist and the world would continue to rapidly move through and around you?

Sometimes the blogging world feels like that. I’ve read so many inspiring books that have really excited me, and peeked my interest, in the hopes to run a successful blog. But as the days pass, nothing is changing.

Click below to grab your own copy. Very useful and informative.


Everything you need to know about Blogging


All I can do is keep reaching out, and hope that someone will hear my voice.


“If you judged a fish based on it’s ability to climb a tree;

it would live it’s whole life, thinking it’s stupid.”



Never give up on your dreams, my blogging friends.


Have a lovely day,








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