The Perfect Dress….Giving a Garment a Second Chance

When it comes to fashion, you have to know what fits you best, what suits your body type, and highlights your favorite features. Do you ever visually browse a store, immediately skipping over colors and shapes that don’t catch your attention? Many people make this mistake, and don’t take into consideration how the fabric will be transformed once you try it on. Maybe you’ve had this realization when one of your friends hands you something to try on, that in all reality, you knew from the moment you saw the garment that you didn’t like it, and that you certainly would not buy it. I’ve heard this story many times. That’s why it’s sometimes a great idea to try on something you don’t like, because it may give you a different reaction once it’s off the hanger. When you shop with this perspective, it opens your mind to new possibilities…by giving that garment a second chance.


Notice this photograph of Jennifer Lawrence rocking the red carpet in her Calvin Klein ensamble. Goes to show how entirely versatile this simplistic dress can be, and how easily this look can be reinvented to suit your own personal style. (Personally I prefer the darker Red Wine color…but I would accent this look with a bright Fireman Red pop of nail color to give this look a little sparkle) Can be dressed up on the red carpet, or dressed down at a casual day at the pool.

It’s just perfect for summer.

You’ll never believe what I found….A perfect dress that’s practically free it’s so affordable..I might just grab this dress in a few different colors.

What’s great about color is that you can play it up or down. Whether you want to stand out for a special occasion, or if you want to make it through a busy day, there is a perfect Maxi dress waiting for you. Perfect for running errands or even having tea by the pool with loved ones.

These vibrant colors can highlight your features and make your eyes glow in the sunlight. My favorite thing about these dresses is that they are so conveniently priced to purchase online and in just days they arrive in a pretty package at your door. Retail therapy at it’s best!


Only $7.99 – $14.00

Other Colors Available: Red Wine, Black, White, Charcoal Grey, Coral, Dark Brown, Fushia Pink, Green, Light Grey, Mocha, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Bright Blue

Some of these colors like: Grey, Brown, Navy, even Royal Blue would all make  amazing transitional pieces as we are evolving into the Fall season. Just throw on a sweater, a scarf, and some classic sunnies to polish this look for those sunny windy days that are upon us!

Best Deal Trendy Maxi Dress

Or if you feel like browsing around,

Shop Best Fashion Deals Online Now


You won’t believe the deals you find…

Thanks for reading!


Have a lovely day!


..;*For my Fashion Friends*;..

I hope you enjoyed!




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