Burberry Fashion Week 2014

Burberry Fashion Week 2014

Impressed by these carefully selected color schemes.
There’s no doubt that a long coat is what you need in your closet. The lengths are captivating, providing graceful movement down the runway. Mindful of keeping that cinched waist, Burberry suggests to stay belted. Even your scarfs! Which I wouldn’t.

I think it just adds to the colors of the looks, when in reality the purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck warm. It’s cute for the runway but I seriously doubt that I’ll see this look take place on the streets. If the designer wants that certain color hue to be added to the dress, then I think they should have created a pattern to be sewn with that certain color coordination onto the dress. Of course this procedure takes time and careful measurements to complete the look. To me, from the viewpoint of a seamstress, this seems to be a lazy attempt to add color to the look; by just throwing on a scarf and belting it.
Just in my opinion.

I’m not sure why everyone seems to be so excited that the models got to keep their Burberry blankets with their personalized initials on them.
Take your blanket to the embroidery shop and have a replica made within an hour and for less than $20.

Always a true fan of Burberry though in it’s classic elegance as a brand.